Ratenow verwendet auf allen Feedback-Terminals einen zu 99,9% effektiven ANTIVIRALFILM zum Schutz vor CORONAVIREN

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RateNow screens protected against CORONAVIRUS

RateNow feedback screens even safer and more hygienic after the application of an ANTIVIRAL film that is 99.9% effective against viruses of the CORONAVIRUS family

Although the WHO has not confirmed any case of transmission of covid on surfaces  (OMS 9-Julio 2020) some users may have doubts about the safety of commonly used surfaces such as doorknobs, dataphones, buttons elevator or touch screens.

RateNow announces the collaboration with the French group HEXIS,, a leader in adhesive security films,for the definitive anti-coronavirus protection of our tactile feedback terminals. The application of the transparent film ANTIVIRAL HEXIS PUREZONE to the screens of the feedback terminals guarantees an antiviral efficacy of 99.9% against bacteria and viruses including those of the coronavirus family.

The coating of the antiviral film contains uniformly distributed silver ions encapsulated within the film that, when in contact with bacteria, block their metabolism and / or interrupt their proliferation mechanism, leading to their destruction.

In turn, it has been the first transparent film to have its antiviral activity against viruses of the coronavirus family tested and certified according to the ISO 21702 standard. Specifically, the attached test (July 2020) certifies the effectiveness at 94.99% after of contact of 15 min and 99.9% after 60 min. against HCov-229E Feline Coronavirus viruses, Strain Munich..

This coating is environmentally friendly, has a 5-year shelf life, is compatible with standard cleaning protocols, and is non-irritable to human skin. All the new RateNow touch devices will leave the factory with the antiviral film applied, and a campaign has been started to apply the film to the screens currently distributed in the territory.

In addition, to inform end users of the absence of risk we have included this label in the framework of the devices indicating the protection of the effective antiviral film against coronaviruses.

If you are interested in PUREZONE to better coat and protect other surfaces of your centers such as counters, tables, railings, knobs, elevator buttons ... ask us for more information sending an email to a.esplugas@ratenow.es and we will put you directly in contact with our provider, HEXIS.

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